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Joint sessions with Marlene and Bob Neufeld cost $160 an hour. Sessions are 60 to 90 minutes long. We recommend one-and-a-half hour sessions for couples and one-hour sessions for individuals. Marlene Neufeld will see individuals for the same rate.

If $160 an hour will cause financial hardship, please talk to Marlene or Bob Neufeld as a reduced fee may be possible.

Longer body-centered coaching intensives are available. Length, location and cost are to be negotiated.

Telephone coaching for individuals or couples is available at the same rates.

Email follow-ups are available for individuals or couples who have a regular coaching relationship with Marlene or Bob Neufeld (i.e. sessions minimally every two weeks).

Marlene has a Masters of Social Work and is registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers. Some private and workplace insurance plans cover registered Social Workers. We are also part of the Capital Choice Counselling Group and can offer receipts signed by a Registered Ontario Psychologist. Please inform us as to which kind of receipt you require.

Payments for services are due at the time that services are rendered, and can be paid by personal cheque or cash. Please inquire with your health insurance provider regarding the details of your coverage. Insurance companies cover a portion of the cost of a therapy session, often 80%. Receipts are issued at the time of payment, and can be used to obtain a reimbursement from your insurance company for the services received, which is the responsibility of the client.

When contacting your insurance company for details of your coverage, be sure to verify:
  • Ask what psychological services are covered by your policy.
  • Is a receipt from a registered Social Worker or an Ontario Registered Psychologist accepted by your insurance plan?
  • Who is covered; per person or per family?
  • If the insurer pays a set amount per visit, a portion of the fee per visit, or a total amount independent of sessions;
  • If session length is an issue.
  • If you need a physician┬╣s referral, which may be required for the insurance company, not for the therapist. (If so, the referral can simply say "couples counseling" or specifically say "Marlene Neufeld supervised by Dr. Martin Rovers.")
  • What is the procedure for reimbursement?

We commit to providing you with two months notice of any fee increases.

When you contact us about our services, we will gladly answer any questions and book one session with you. We'll send you an information package and our Coaching Agreements for you to bring to your first session with us.

During the initial session, you'll have an opportunity to get to know us and our style. If you'd like to continue "playing" with us, we would then schedule more sessions.

Cancellation Policy

We request that you give us at least 24 hours notice. If an appointment is missed without 24 hours notice, you will be expected to pay for the time booked. We have allocated this time for you, and without proper notice, it is difficult to book another client who may need the coaching time.

What to Expect as a Client (what is coaching, what is body-centered, how is our coaching therapeutic?)

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