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What therapeutic methods do we incorporate?

  1. We are skilled at facilitating your discovery of the source of your patterns, healing the past and moving into the present and creating your desired future, in contrast to traditional coaching which does not look at the source of problems. Our clients have told us that our methods allow them to "go deep"; in fact, they are sometimes surprised by how quickly they are able to get to the root of issues and allow healing to take place. We have both completed an intensive two-year Conscious Relationship Coach & Consultant apprenticeship with Drs. Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks http://hendricks.com and are continuing an ongoing mentorship relationship with them.
  2. We've completed a year-long training in Exceptional Marriage Mentoring http://exceptionalmarriage.com a process developed by Marcia and Brian Gleason, MSW's. This program is "based on the conviction that the committed relationship is the perfect environment for the development of human potential. Sadly, many couples choose to settle into control patterns that choke off the lifeblood of passion and intimacy. Control patterns are styles of interacting that are motivated by protection of the status quo rather than by growth. Couples who remain embedded in control patterns fail to open their eyes to possibility. EMM is a process that stimulates the relationship to break out of the prisons of self preservation."
  3. Marlene has completed an externship with Dr. Sue Johnson in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy http://www.eft.ca/home.htm. Research has shown that "emotionally fulfilling relationships are integral components of mental and physical health, and that emotionally focused interventions have the power to establish and re-create supportive bonds amount individuals." We emphasize emotions and "believe that all people can maximize their potential given a nurturing social environment, which we endeavor to foster in our work with clients."
  4. We are students of the Hakomi Experiential Method (see http://www.hakomi.ca) which invites participants into an exploration of growth and healing through discovery of how they are organizing their experiences, their thoughts, their bodies, their beliefs, their self-image and world view. The Hakomi method is based on the following principles:
  • unity: everything is interconnected
  • organicity: healing happens from the inside out
  • mindfulness: a focus on paying attention to present experience
  • non-violence: working with what wants to happen and staying in a state of loving presence
  • mind/body holism: or working at the interface of body and mind.


Our Two-on-Two body-centered couples coaching/psychotherapy method is different from traditional marriage counseling in a number of ways. We use a unique experiential approach, which incorporates movement, breath, and awareness of physical sensations. Our clients learn skills and techniques that facilitate lasting personal change in a fast and easy way.

What is body-centered coaching/psychotherapy?

Each session is customized to meet your individual goals and needs and the goals and needs of you as a couple.
  1. We use the signals your body gives (such as body sensations, changes in your breathing, foot tapping, etc.) to explore underlying issues. We by-pass the mind-chatter to get underneath the content of conflicts to what is really going on. You will learn to pay attention to your own body signals.
  2. We do not interpret what your body is saying or give you the answers. We focus on assisting you in accessing your truth to find the most effective answer for you.
  3. We incorporate movement, conscious breathing and other tools that assist people to make shifts toward vitality.
  4. Learning is deeper than an intellectual understanding and therefore lasts longer. It accesses a wider part of the brain as well as the whole body.
  5. If you want to create lasting changes in your relationships and life, new ways of 'being' must be experienced in a state of acceptance, 'play' and experimentation.
  6. We may use props or set up experiments in which you try out various approaches, scenarios and possibilities. Our goal is to create experiences that allow you broader, more creative, more playful choices in your relationships.
  7. Once you have experienced shifts in your body, they are much easier to access again; e.g. we don't just talk about self-love, we guide you to experience it; once you have experienced a relationship dance based on each partner taking full healthy responsibility, it is easier to recreate in your daily life.
  8. Body-centered and experiential methods allow you to achieve awareness of your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, motives and behaviors without getting caught in the content.
  9. Our work is not about fixing "broken" people. We encourage you to let go of seeing yourself and others as improvement projects. We believe that people already have all the resources they need inside themselves. Our job is to provide experiences so you can access your full creative potential.

Our client told us, "Talk therapy assisted me to a certain extent, but I found it lacking… ...[now] I feel much more hopeful and positive, and am more present for myself, others and life." I.H.

Our background:

Marlene has a background in Early Childhood Education, a Masters of Social Work and over 36 years of experience working with children and adults. Bob has a Masters of Education and 36 years of experience teaching children and adults.

We have been married since 1970 and use all the skills we teach. These skills have transformed our relationship. We have experienced many issues similar to the ones you may be experiencing and commit to having our life experience be of service to you.

We have over 13 years experience in helping couples create closer, loving relationships. Together we are geniuses at facilitating rapid transformation. We commit to using our life experience and tools to be of service to you.

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Bob and Marlene Neufeld

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