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10 Ways to Spring clean your marriage

A Month of Self-Appreciation

Agreements: How to make and keep agreements

Agreements: What to do when agreements are broken

Be Open To Learning

Being With Our Lonely Scared Parts

Blame In Relationships

Broken Trust

Cancer and Sexuality


Clean Pain Or Dirty Pain

Connection - or - Disconnection? It is Your Choice

Conversations its' not worth having (Part 1 - who said what)

Conversations its' not worth having (Part 2 - why did you do that?)

Conversations its' not worth having (Part 3 - who is right?)

Conversations its' not worth having (Part 4 - you are inaccurate or exaggerating)

Conversations it is worth having Part 1 (tossing, revealing, appreciating, making clear agreements)

Conversations it is worth having Part 2 (reflecting, validating, unarguable truth, genuine regret followed by what I plan to do differently)

Conversations it is worth having Part 3 (learning, shifting from "you" or "we" to "I", having fun, taking yourself lightly, laughing at yourself, generating curiosity and wonder)

Conversations it is worth having - Tossing

Conversations - Why do people have the kind of conversations we don't recommend having?


Desire in long term relationships; the role of willingness

Emotional Literacy

Four Horsemen of the APOCALYPSE: The four attitudes that most predict the dissolution of a relationship

Four Horsemen Self-test: how do I know if I am riding the 4 Horsemen

Four Pillars of Integrity

Four Points of Balance

From Entitlement To Appreciation

Give Essense Gifts this Holiday Season

Holding Things In

Honesty: What do you do instead of speaking the truth?

Honesty: Speaking the Unarguable Truth

Honouring Our Teachers

How To Have More Fun This Holiday Season

How To Stop Arguing About Money

How To Take Yourself Lightly

How We Support Our Beliefs (i.e. There Must Be a Reason)



Leading With Appreciation

Leading With Gratitude

Learn To Speak In Ways That Do Not Promote An Arguement

Learning to Love Ourselves

Lessons Learned From A Visit With My Son

Listen Generously to Your Partner

Listening Filters (what you do when you aren't listening generously)

Listening Generously: Attitudes, Practices, and how to do it (step by step)

Love Yourself

Loving Kindness In Every Moment

Lying Hurts Your Health

Negative Intent

No First Cause

No More New Years Resolutions!

Opening To Love





Sharing Household Tasks

Shift Your Attention

Schemas (what is really going on when you or I get triggered)


Shift from Blame to Healthy Responsibility

Shift From Seeing Yourself as a Victim to Knowing Yourself as a Person of True Creative Power

Ten Demandments: Ten Rules to Insure Unhappiness in a Relationship

The Dance Of Relationship: What Step Are You Doing?

The Importance of Attitude/Intention

The Value of Blurting

Toxic Guilt

Uncovering 'Who We Really Are': Personas and the Triangle Game

Unmet Childhood Needs And Negative Intent

Upper Limit Patterns

Upper Limit Patterns (graphic) 

Victim Talk & Responsibility Talk

What Can You Really Control?

What is Your 'Good Will' Level? The Five Languages of Love

What Rules Are You Making Up?

What to Do With Our Feelings

What is more important? - yourself or your relationship?

What's your relationship style?

When you no longer "love" each other

Whose Business Is It?

Why We Don't Recommend Apologies

Withdrawing or Pursuing (Which Step are you doing in the Dance of Relationship)

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